SirioML Signup Features


SirioML helps you navigate through the constellation of your machine learning models

easing machine learning development by giving you a swift overview of your models' parameters and performances. Speed up your machine learning model lifecycle management by enabling experiment reproducibility, trackability and transparency. You make what you measure!

Data Preprocessing

Helping you with data provenance to track different datasets adopted in the training and evaluation phases.

Algorithm training

Assisting you in tuning and oversee the hyperparameters across multiple training sessions.

Model evaluation

Keep track of the performance of your models, comparing at glance all the evaluation metrics you need.

SirioML supports you in all main phases of any machine learning project, granting ubiquitous access to foster collaboration of your data science team and allowing them to build better machine learning models and iterate faster. SirioML will improve your reporting experience by allowing maximum efficiency and visibility to every other project stakeholders. Managing machine learning models was never so easy.

Visualize swiftly all your machine learning models parameters and have a overview on performances and training time. Visually spot the relevant parameters for your model in order to refine your work and iterate over your model harder, better and faster.